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Abeokuta Grammar School


ABEOKUTA GRAMMAR SCHOOL (AGS) is a secondary school located in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. Nigeria cannot record its greatness without reference to past pupils of Abeokuta Grammar School.

It has produced justices, industrialists, statesman, respected traditional rulers, educators, a women’s emancipation front liner, artists, a private medical philanthropist, musicians, and renowned academics.  Founded in 1908 as a boy’s school by the Abeokuta District Church Council (Anglicans) with the motto “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”, the school welcomed all with a thirst for learning, discipline, and academic excellence without regard to race, ethnicity or religion.

The Founding Fathers believed strongly in training both the body and the mind. It was their view that education should equip a student to use both his brains and hands effectively, to be a credit to his home, community, country and the world. Discipline and character training were fundamental to their mission, as they believed no meaningful success could be achieved without discipline and character training.

Alumni Executives: 

PRESIDENT>>Lekan Bello


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